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CTS Route Schedule - effective June 17, 2018

Current Strait Shot schedule to Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal

How do I find the Strait Shot at the Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal?

Ride the Strait Shot to SeaTac Airport, Amtrak, and other Seattle destinations

CTS Draft Comprehensive Plan

Bike Lockers Available

Bike lockers at the Gateway TC may be reserved online at

CTS currently has no employment opportunities. Click here for information on the application process.

See below 'Service Alerts' for:  #17 Forks Shuttle and the #30 Commuter to Port Angeles. 

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Fixed-Route Service


Service Situation

10 Joyce

Regular service

14 Forks

Minor delays

15 LaPush

Rider Alert

16 Neah Bay

Regular service

17 Forks Shuttle

Regular service

20 College/Medical

Regular service

22 Lincoln/Peabody

Regular service

24 Cherry Hill

Regular service

26 Westside

Regular service

30 EB Commuter 

30 WB Commuter

Regular service

40 Sequim Shuttle

Regular service

50 Jamestown

Regular service

52 Diamond Pt

Regular service

123 The Strait Shot

Regular service

Latest CTS News

CTS is currently recruiting for Fixed-route Transit Operators and Paratransit Operators. Click here for application information.

Current CTS Route Schedule  

New Strait Shot Schedule

Seatac airport anyone? The Strait Shot route is a GREAT choice!

Find the Strait Shot at Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal

Bringing your bike on the bus? Learn the ropes!

Info on $20 summer YOUTH PASS!!!

Bike Lockers Available

Gateway TC bike lockers may be reserved online at

CTS Comprehensive Plan

La Push Rider Alert

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